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The rising cases are very concerning. We never know when we come with physical contact with a COVID Positive person.

It is really very important to come out from home with the safety gears like:

-> Mask

-> Hand Sanitizer

-> Hand Gloves

Please take the virus #Seriously ! Maintain #Social_distance to avoid physical contact. Don’t believe someone saying that the virus is a #HOAX. All the developed countries are breaking down while fighting this pandemic.

The markets are closed, economies are down, no beds at hospital, Doctors are working over time and everything is #real.

Educate your neighbours if they think the virus is just #politics. Although there are cases where the virus is given a shape of politics but it is very #real. Avoid going out. Use technology for your basic needs.

Best wishes from xhoper.com team to fight this pandemic.

Happy_Xhopping !

#Stay_Safe #Stay_Home

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