Tsense UV-Pro (32 Ltr)

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UV-Pro (32 Ltr)

Best recommended for commercial places like shops, Saloons or clinics. The increased capacity gives more space for items.

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How Effective is Ultraviolet light on stopping the Coronavirus?

UV light can be classified into 3 types  UVA, UVB, and UVC. All three have different properties in terms of wavelength and energy. The third type UVC has the highest disinfectant capacity because of its shorter and more energetic wavelength to damage the genetic tissue of the viruses.  Few studies have shown that the use of UVC radiation warps the structure of their genetic material and prevents viral particles from making more copies of themselves. 

How Tsense UV box is different than the already available UV Boxes?

To inactivate the viruses the right selection of UV and generating the appropriate amount of exposure of light is required. The Tsense UV box is designed in such a way to produce the right amount of energy on the surface and 360Deg exposure to inactivate the virus droplets from the surface. The available box is not specifically designed for COVID and delivers a broad spectrum of the light but Tsense UV box is specifically designed to deliver 254nm UVC to inactivate the virus.

Is it safe to use? What are the safety features for radiation?

The Box has an enclosed shielded design to stop the radiation out of the box when it is in use and does not harm anyone outside. The internal design is a purely reflective coated and made of safe material. The Box comes with a Safety switch with a timer that automatically off the lights after disinfecting.

Can it be used for multilayer N95 masks and PPE Kit?

UVC has a low penetration wavelength so it is used to disinfect the surfaces only. For multilayer masks or N95 masks, it is required to have high concentrated exposure of light for a longer duration. So it is not advisable to use Lite and Pro box to disinfect these items, however, we have specifically designed a box to treat N95 masks and PPE kit especially for hospitals and clinics. Please connect to our team for this box requirement.

All single layer masks, face shields can be disinfected with Lite and Pro boxes.

Is UV exposure safe for groceries or Food Items?

Yes! as long as you are providing a limited dose of light. The light is safe to use for food items and groceries as it does not leave any residue chemical over the surface.  Multiple doses of light can degrade the quality and strength of not only food but also all essential items.

What is the effective duration of the UVC disinfection?

The exposure time varies with the capacity of the filled box. The typical time for disinfection is 2 min for 1 or 2 items in the box and full capacity required 15 min of exposure to disinfect items. 


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