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The rising cases are very concerning. We never know when we come with physical contact with a COVID Positive person.

It is really very important to come out from home with the safety gears like:

-> Mask

-> Hand Sanitizer

-> Hand Gloves

Please take the virus #Seriously ! Maintain #Social_distance to avoid physical contact. Don’t believe someone saying that the virus is a #HOAX. All the developed countries are breaking down while fighting this pandemic.

The markets are closed, economies are down, no beds at hospital, Doctors are working over time and everything is #real.

Educate your neighbours if they think the virus is just #politics. Although there are cases where the virus is given a shape of politics but it is very #real. Avoid going out. Use technology for your basic needs.

Best wishes from xhoper.com team to fight this pandemic.

Happy_Xhopping !

#Stay_Safe #Stay_Home

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Why xhoper.com ? Why E – Commerce Website in Dudhnoi ?

Why xhoper.com ?

xhoper.com” or “www.xhoper.com“ is a necessity this Pandemic. Shops and stores often remain close and it’s really hard to find one’s need. For basic needs like groceries and food one don’t have any option other than going out and taking the risk of “ COVID 19” spread.

Through “xhoper.com” one can easily order all the necessities with one click through their phones and PC and we will deliver their order at doorstep. With “xhoper.com” it’s a win – win situation for both “BUYER” and ”SELLER”. A “SELLER” or business owner can easily list their goods and products in our platform and keep running their business hassle free.  

Whereas, a “BUYER” or “USER” will have the option to select / order goods from different stores in Dudhnoi. They can also rate the stores according to their experience and help others to buy from a trusted store which will also increase the service quality of the sellers.

In “xhoper.com” website, we have categorized the products in such a way that it is user friendly and easy to use. We will also take the feedbacks with respect and try solving the problems as soon as possible.

You can share your feedback by clicking here:  https://bit.ly/3j3nX6w

We @xhoper.com Team trying our best to bring the sellers or business owners in one roof and many people have showed interest to tackle this pandemic through online solution and many sellers are also following up to register with xhoper.com. For now we have added categories like – 

1. Food Delivery

2. Cake and Bakery

3. Fresh Meat and Fish

4. Fruits

5. Groceries and

 6. Electronics

Note : We are working at a very fast pace but product listing takes time so some products might not be visible on site and they are “COMING SOON”.

Why xhoper.com is Important for “DUDHNOI” ?

India is growing Digitally with a campaign “ DIGITAL_INDIA”. But we are lacking professionals and technical people due to lack of interest in technology and innovations. Though xhoper.com every common people in Dudhnoi will get to know how technology works and how technology can be used in day to day life.

Indian Government is also working on to promote Entrepreneurs and local businesses through “Startup India” initiative. And it is the high time to work on problem solving solutions with the help of technology.

It’s is all about solving problems of the community. Here are some problems xhoper.com will solve in Dudhnoi :

1. Access to Online Shopping : Although there are giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart but their services are not 100 % reachable in towns and villages. And there are many products in local shops too which don’t have exposure to large audience and the needy cannot find the product they are looking for. With the help of xhoper.com, users from Dudhnoi will get a new market place to experience Internet shopping and search all the products listed by local sellers in our site.

2. Job opportunity : With “xhoper.com “,  Local Youth will get the exposure of new job opportunities in Technical and Operational Field.

Some Youth will also get motivated to startup their own business though different Innovations by understanding the importance of technology.

3. Local Entrepreneurs : Local Entrepreneurs will get a new and online market place to test or showcase their products and services in local areas. Thus, it will help many to be independent in financial terms.

There are also some indirect benefits with xhoper.com that will be soon experienced by us.

Hope you like our idea and shower your love and blessings towards “xhoper.com”.

Start using www.xhoper.com from today !!!

For any feedback and issue in the website feel free to contact our technical team at –

xhoperservices@gmail.com or drop a whatsapp message @6002632667.

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Hello Xhoper !

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your love and support towards xhoper.com .

As, expected we are getting good number of orders and very happy with your response. Day by day the orders are increasing and we are looking forward to keep the cart moving. We will be introducing xhoper.com soon to the nearby places so that you can enjoy xhopping from home without any risk of #Corona.

Do let us know in the comment box if you are looking forward to be served by xhoper.com. Don’t forget to mention your place !


Xhoper.com Team